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SysbuPro Modules to build financial solutions

Reconwizz module

Our financial reconciliation module

Using the Reconwizz module you can automatically match accounts, transactions, and other types of data from different systems or data sources. Dynamic and agile financial institutions commonly use diverse technologies and partners to address the needs of multiple customer segments.

Integrating multiple applications and service delivery channels is complex, especially when you consider the need to reconcile transactions between different systems and accounts.

Reconwizz takes care of the complexity for you, helping to prevent operational losses and potential damage to your reputation.

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Business Intelligence module

Improve strategic decision making

Our business intelligence module lets you load information from limitless data sources and reports which you can transform and extract to inform real-time decision making. Regularly exporting key information from your critical systems into our BI module empowers you to:

  • Design reports and dashboards using your own powerful resources making them as easy or as complex as you choose.
  • Schedule data loading in a timetable that closely matches your business needs.
  • Generate historical reports for any date range you choose.
  • Use built-in process workflows to generate tasks and alerts informed by your data.
  • Instantly distribute reports to key personnel by email.
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Document Management System

Capture all your business files and data in one place

The SysbuPro document management module is a powerful and automated solution that captures and digitizes your critical business documentation and files. Documents can be approved, tagged, and instantly accessed to complete important business tasks.

Use our DMS module to control and manage your business documents electronically, delivering more informed decision making while boosting workgroup and enterprise productivity.

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