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Sysbu Construct

The tools you need to digitize your workforce

Reach the full potential of your business with a powerful tool.

Digitizing your construction workforce means increased efficiency and the elimination of time consuming and inaccurate manual processes.

With Sysbu Construct you create an instantly accessible electronic audit trail of all your essential construction site processes.

Deploy Sysbu Construct on your sites and you’ll maximize profitability, keep risk under control, and meet regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive, flexible, scalable

Organize every detail of your construction site on the SysbuPro Platform.
Uniquely configure SysbuPro to closely match your specific requirements.

Sysbu Construct is a scalable construction industry application built on the SysbuPro Platform. It includes:

  • Payroll system
  • Material and transportation evidencing
  • Reporting and profitability
  • Organize daily business
  • Employee efficiency measurement
  • Risk identification and assessment
  • Warehouse management (hugely scalable)

Key Features

Role Management

Create defined roles, personalized workspaces, and restrictions according to users function in the company.

Warehouse Control

Manage all your warehousing and transportation processes. View material costs, availability, and usage in real-time. Control material expiration dates and renewal requirements by setting alarms. Oversee the transportation of goods and the people responsible.


Easily import and export data to or from multiple file types including Excel, Json and more. Expand Sysbu Construct to import data from unlimited sources.

Comprehesive Data Management

Manage employee and client data, contracts, working hours, teams, payroll reports, projects, and efficiency metrics for all staff and contractors.

Task Management

Sysbu Construct’s built-in chat tool provides your workforce with a simple and effective way to communicate with each other. Use chat to create tasks and assign them to the responsible person.


Use the Sysbu Construct calendar to define weekdays, weekends, and holidays - control operations across all your sites.

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