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Reconwizz is a Reconciliation Application that was developed in partnership with AdVision Finance in the Netherlands.

This app was built on SysbuPro platform and is intended for companies of any size. In the financial sector it is common that dynamic and agile services use different technologies and partners to address the needs of their diverse customer segments. Using multiple applications and service delivery channels comes with the challenge of integration and the complexity of reconciling the transactions between different systems and accounts - and can lead to significant operational losses and reputational risks. Reconwizz helps to automatically match transactions and data from different systems, accounts or data sources, for example reconciling suspense and transit accounts balances and transactions. This app is intended to be used for all industries that require data reconciliation.

Key Features

Reconcile Data Efficiently

Reconwizz allows you to link unlimited sources of data in one application. You can run scheduled tasks and automatic matching rules to simplify your financial institution’s reconciliation process.

Dashboards and Reports

Customize dashboards for each type of user, as lists or graphical representation. See all scheduled tasks, transactions under investigation, aging of unmatched transactions. Audit trail creates visibility of manually matched or written off transactions.

Reconciliation Process Automation

Define the process for unmatched transactions that require investigation. Attach notes on unmatched transactions, assign investigation tasks, ask for review and authorization from supervisor, based on defined process workflow.

Automated Matching Rules

Define complex matching rules for transactions and data, categorise and prioritise the matching criteria. Reconwizz supports multiple matching criteria for two sets of data.

Scalable and Easy to Customise

Reconwizz is built on SysbuPro low-code platform that allows adding new functionality, processes and reports on Reconwizz by your in-house IT specialists.

Flexible Pricing

Reconwizz can be used from the cloud servers or installed on-premises servers. Hence providing a flexible pricing model based on the needs of each financial institution.

Our amazing customers

We worked with Reconwizz team to implement the solution at our partner bank in Malawi. Reconwizz made it possible to greatly improve the efficiency of the reconciliation process and give more insights in the accounts used by our digital channels. Reconwizz also helped a lot in the way of thinking about our processes; while implementing in the application we have made several important changes in our front and back office processes that improved the operational efficiency of our customer services as well.



Reconcile your data efficiently