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Innovate on the fly, instantly pivot to meet demand

All your processes under one roof and under YOUR control

1,000% Faster

Typically build applications, directly in the business, 10x faster than traditional app development timeframes which are often 6 months or more!

0% IT Skills

29% of users using the SysbuPro Platform have zero IT skills and no programming or application development experience.

84% Uptake

The percentage of businesses choosing a low-code platform like SysbuPro to deploy applications faster and with more control than ever before.

Create tailored applications on demand

The SysbuPro Platform is your secret weapon in an insanely competitive global marketplace where even small edges can substantially impact profitability.

Comprehensive functionality you’ll love

With SysbuPro you’ll fully automate business processes by building or connecting elements of the application with the workflow rules you define.

Business Process Management

Define processes, connect processes with external systems.

Visual Designer

Rapid design using our intuitive visual designer.

Multi-language Capability

No more communication barriers. Develop multi-language applications. Switching application language is done on the fly with just one click.

News Feed

Share your activity and engage with your colleagues. The news feed component provides a social timeline in the company with the ability to like/dislike, comment, and publish on the submitted feed.


Develop web and mobile applications linked to GPS. It allows to track location, timing and positioning.

Decision Management Utility

Create custom resolutions for different process steps without coding.
Some of what you can look forward to with the SysbuPro Platform

  • Minimize mistakes.
  • Reduce losses.
  • Achieve consistent, targeted results.
  • Meet strategic goals.
  • Assign tasks dynamically to specific users, groups, or defined roles.
  • Make sure the right person is notified to take the right actions at the right time.
  • Create custom resolutions for any step without coding.

Intuitive Builder

SysbuPro’s drag-and-drop functionality creates personalized screens and beautiful interfaces. Provide a seamless user experience with menus designed at lightning speed - all without a developer.

Job Scheduling

Schedule jobs to run on the backend at a time and date of your choosing. Run APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) or specific code either simultaneously or one at a time.

Easy Integration & Deployment

The SysbuPro Platform can be integrated with existing resources, or you can migrate legacy data from your current system to your new app built on the SysbuPro Platform.

Our Takeover module helps you load information from Excel, CSV, delimited, JSON or fixed width file formats. As well information can be loaded from SQL Databases or any system with additional developed connector.

You can use our predefined APIs (or your own custom APIs) to load and manage data from any third-party application in SysbuPro.

SysbuPro can be deployed on SysbuPro’s Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid cloud, or on-premise to match your IT strategy.

Entity Designer

Quickly create app components (entities) and the relationships between them without the need for coding. Define functionality at the field level using our predefined Create/Read/Update/Delete APIs to start managing information for entities IMMEDIATELY after you’ve saved your layout (schema). You have complete flexibility and can infinitely extend your apps functionality with customized APIs and validations using Java if needed.

User Management

Define user roles and precisely control access to home screen, menu, and system functionality. Manage users’ session time-out duration, password-change frequency and more…

Document & Image Management

Decide who can upload, download, and view documents, and the types of files that can be used on your SysbuPro Platform. Upload files onto the platform, linking them to specific entities. Download and view files on request or view document images directly on SysbuPro.

Report Designer

The SysbuPro built-in report designer lets you build reports of any complexity and with a layout of your choice. Switch from report-type to chart-type presentation to create stunning dashboards. Generate real-time reports with extensive drill-down capabilities to inform business decision making. Customize your most powerful data with “pivot table” functionality to rearrange information precisely in the format that benefits you most.

Survey & Scoring

Easily create fully customized surveys and embed them in SysbuPro. Design scored surveys with different scores and weight for questions and answers. Review the score for each question asked and/or for the entire survey.

Built-in Chat

Simple yet powerful. Our built-in chat feature provides the ideal way for users to communicate inside your business. Create, update, and close chat rooms from anywhere on the platform. Keep all communications, decisions and input organized in a single place.


Use the calendar to define weekdays, holidays, financial end of month to control your operations or reporting and notifications.

Just in Time

Using the SysbuPro Platform you view the application you’re building in real-time which means you can make changes and problem solve on the fly.

Available Anywhere, Any Time, and On Any Device

Instantly access the information you need to inform agile decision making when you need it most - on your PC, tablet, cell phone, or any device with an internet connection.

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