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New SysbuPro Features


SysbuPro, more powerful than ever.

The SysbuPro product has been jam-packed with a series of updates that will enrich your experience in new ways. We created out-of-the-box applications with SysbuPro, added a multi-language capability and so much more.

New Platform Features:


Build fully functional websites using a simple drag and drop interface. Easily publish, modify, and manage content. Create secure user accounts to access their personal cabinets.


Maps and markers have been introduced, allowing the development of web and mobile applications linked to GPS.

Multi-language Capability

No more communication barriers. Develop multi-language applications. Switching application language is done on the fly with just one click.

News Feed

Share your activity and engage with your colleagues. The news feed component provides a social timeline in the company with the ability to like/dislike, comment, and publish on the submitted feed.

Visual Components

  • Badge
  • Indicate a status or count of dynamic data, such as a count of pending requests or jobs.

  • Radio button
  • Allow users to select a single option from a group of options.

  • Checkbox
  • Allow the user to choose one or more items from a list, used to toggle an option on or off.

  • Rating
  • Rating Component helps capture the user feedback in the form of rating or voting.