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Document Management System

Increase customer satisfaction, improve your operations and create new business strategies with real-time insights from a single platform.

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Why use SysbuPro DMS instead of traditional paperwork?

Documents, whether electronic or paper, are a vital component of any business. Converting mountains of paper documents to digital may appear to be a difficult process at first but businesses who invest in a robust document management system equip themselves with a powerful tool and become more efficient and organized.

DMS Features

Team Rights & Roles

Give access rights to Document Management System elements in a very simple way, dividing them among company employees at any stage of the document creation. Any individual selected user in the system may be assigned a “role”, that will be allowed access to DMS elements, such as manager or administrator, etc.

A Single Document Database

Easily manage documents by having access to your records in one place. Once documents are added in the system, you can easily track them, specify their type, assign them to users and even define their priority or status. Because it is a cloud based system you do not need to search in multiple software in order to access your files, just upload scans and copies of documents to the system, and that’s all.

Document Versions

SysbuPro’s Document Management System stores each document Change Log. When a new version of a file is uploaded, the previous version is not deleted, but is saved in such a way that it can be recovered at any time. It also provides life cycle document record information.

Related Documents

Set the relationship between documents and quickly jump from one document to the other.

Document Approval

It's never been easier to get and track approvals. Define a simple document approval process and the system will notify the owner when the document needs to be Approved. Invite people to approve in fixed order.

Security and Access Control

SysbuPro's Document Management System has strong authorization and identification control. Firstly, you have full control of who is allowed to open which records and files. Secondly, access control is easily organized in dedicated screens, from project to record level. Moreover, every action is logged. Finally, logging to the lowest level can be activated and reported on.

Drill-Down and Search

SysbuPro’s Document Management System offers many ways to search and find documents. For instance, by using multiple-choice attributes or content search, or by making use of the many drill-down trees that every user will be able to define by himself, amongst many others possibilities.

Worldwide Accessibility

Whether running SysbuPro's Document Management System in the cloud or on-premises installation, information is always available to all stakeholders. In fact, dedicated portals support the exchange of document data and files with every participant of your business. SysbuPro's DMS System is fully web-based, supporting your favorite web browsers.

Collaborate with Your Team and Clients

Assign documents to your colleagues, customers, or vendors. Share files with your team & colleagues, and let them import documents directly.

News Feed

Keep everyone up to date and share company activity and announcements by using the News Feed. Every user will be able to respond, comment, and send a direct message.

Accessible on all devices

Easily store, share, manage and approve your digital documents from all devices.

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