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Business Intelligence

Increase customer satisfaction, improve your operations and create new business strategies with real-time insights from a single platform.

The Business Intelligence App was created on SysbuPro,
intended for any type of institutions.

User Friendly Web Interface

Our user-friendly interface helps users to easily navigate, design and view information from the application.

Access Application

Access your intelligence from any device which has a web browser or use SysbuPro's mobile application for Android or iOS.

Data Visualization, Reporting and Analytics Applications

Design any complexity of reports and dashboards using your own staff. No new tools are required to design the reports. Use the same web interface to design and immediately view how the report will look like at design phase. Get the reports as of any date in the past.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Easily import data from any delimited, fixed width, Excel, Json files. Expand takeover module to import data from unlimited source types (e.g. local Core Banking System, Customer Relationship Management system). Export online reports to Excel, PDF or print on request.

Built-in process workflow

The backbone for effective planning, tracking, and managing processes. Reduce chaos, organize, track and optimize business processes. Align dependencies and arrange prioritized assignments. Measure work performance and productivity. Collaborate across the business or industries. Get more things done and increase efficiency.

Automatic Jobs

Schedule automatic jobs to load data in the system, process them, generate offline reports and send via email if required.


Prosper through digital transformation.

Optimize your products, automate your services, and create new opportunities to serve your customers better. Institutions that will grow through digital transformation, will take their data to not only create products their customers want, but understand the best times and methods to market those products to their customers. You can also use data to keep customers rather than lose them to churn by identifying when those customers are likely to leave.

Transform your business